Friday, 1 February 2013

David Movie Review Ride It.

Director  Bejoy Nambiar

Starring   Tabu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vinay Virmani, Vikram, Isha Sharvani, Nasser, Monica Dogra

David, as the promos clearly state, is the story of 3 characters, all with the same name, but set in 3 different eras.

Neil Nitin Mukesh's David exists in the 1975 Britain and is a gangster with the Ghani clan, Vinay Virmani's David lives in Bombay of the late 90s and is a struggling musician, and Vikram's David is a drunkard who falls in love with his best friend's fiance Roma in Goa of 2010.

The theme of father and son resonates through every David's life. Of passion, love, hatred, revenge and destiny.

The set up is very interesting, and definitely more massy than Shaitan, Nambiar's debut film.

There are guns and god, revenge and religion, loving and letting go.

The black and white world of the gangster David in Britain is anything but that. It is full of grays. Neil does a very competent job in this film and even surprises me with his Johnny Gaddaresque vulnerability in certain scenes.

David the musician, is a happy go lucky musician with dreadlocks and big dreams. Living in a chawl with his father who is a christian priest and 2 sisters, his world revolves around music. How a politically motivated attack on his father by Malti Tai (Rohini Hattangadi) shakes him and leaves him rattled and looking for answers.

David of Goa is an adorable drunk who was jilted at the alter and has become the butt of jokes in his village. His mother wants to get him re-married, and in comes the deaf and mute Roma (Isha Sharvani) in his life, only for him to realize she is engaged to his best friend Peter.

So where is the connection between these three tales, for that you will have to watch the film or else you will cry SPOILER.

The film is long, yes, but I enjoyed most of it, and a little bit of tightening at the edit would have made it even more enjoyable.

The constant to and fro can be a bit unsettling in the beginning but then you just go with it... as you are pulled deeper into the lives of David.

There are some amazing moments in the film, but my favorite track is the one set in Goa, with scenes where u can not stop smiling... And the presence of Tabu lifts it up that much more.

The king of this film apart from the excellent cinematography is the sound design. Terrific, and rarely seen in our Hindi films.

There are some extremely valid questions raised in the film. The dialogues are good and some will remain with you even after the film is over.

David is not for everyone, but it is a ride worth taking.

I might watch it again.

My rating : 3/5

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