Monday, 17 September 2012

Morning musings


There is a sparrow sitting outside my window. She is thirsty and is delicately drinking water dripping from my  AC vent. She comes everyday and I have been trying to capture her on camera. But every time I move, ever so quietly and stealthily, she flies away. She does not understand that I am not going to hurt her....

This makes me think of how we are becoming isolated and scared of people ourselves.

Try smiling at a stranger on the road, in a train, lift, garden, mall. They will ignore your if you are lucky, will give you a sympathetic look over at worst, almost as if you need to go get treated for this condition. Smiling at strangers... Is that how one is supposed to behave in public... A thought runs through their minds and you can see it. Rarely, very rarely will you get a tentative smile back.

When that smile comes, I feel as if I have achieved something absolutely unachievable.

And carry on I shall, smiling at random strangers, because I do believe smiling at them makes people feel better, even if they don't respond... even if they don't know... They need it, I Need it... Its okay....

Go, Smile!! Guten Tag!!


  1. Awkward (for the people who dont trust others) as it may....I do exchange a lot of smiles and i get it back often so i am a happy baby on the road :)

    Good to see someone putting in words what most of us feel when we go about in our busy lives, daily.

    Good pink blog, this :)

  2. @Rohwit thank you so much. Glad to know I am not the only crazy person who doles out smiles!

    This Pink will have to be rethought tho... hmmmm!