Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Little Good News

Newspapers are my morning addiction with a cup of strong Ginger Tea.

I get restless if the delivery boy gets late even by a few minutes. I pace around the house, as if that will make the time go faster. And then I hear the "Thukkk". That's the lovely sound of the Newspaper being slipped into the gap between the bolt and the door. Done precisely every morning.

When I was around 8 years old, this habit was formed. Stories of wonder, of the world I was yet to explore, of politics that didn't make sense to me, it still doesn't! Dad would explain some important events to me...

Today I read the papers with dread... Who was killed, who committed suicide, which Building collapsed, which scam was exposed, who was raped, which child was mowed down by their own school bus, which union was asking for renewed rates... these make the 70 percent of print.

And then you look for happier stuff. Hidden in bigger stories, there will be heart warming tales of survival against odds, acceptance of same-sex marriages, rescued animals, latest developments to make our lives better if we can afford them of course... A sale, a good movie being released, a cricket win...

Thank god for these small pieces of good news. God knows we need it.

SO I continue to read Newspapers, even if they are pretty obsolete in today's world of instant news on the Internet and networking sites. It is still what goes best with my morning cuppa.

Here is the song I grew very fond of in the old days and used to play very often on my morning Radio show.

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