Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dabangg 2 Bhai Ho Toh Aisa

Director : Arbaaz Khan
Starring : Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Prakash Raj, Vinod Khanna


Please do not read if you are not a Salman fan.
Please do not read if you believe each film should have gravitas and a worthy story and that logic is desirable.
Please do not read if you think Salman Khan's recent brand of cinema is not meant for you.

But if you are still reading this, I take it that you do not mind a bit of escape every now and then, you have enjoyed Salman's playing himself in most of the films that he does. Also that you have watched Dabangg and liked it.

Also as you are reading it, Dabangg 2 has already made 100 crores in 6 days.

Kung Fu Pandey. Yes. That is what Salman's Chulbul is in Dabangg 2. The movie is quite an entertainer and at a taut length of around 2 Hours, it is a very easy watch.

There is no new wine nor is there a new bottle. It is very much what Dabangg had. Rajjo, Makhhi, Bauji, even Munni makes an appearance. Prakash Raj is the villain here as Bachchaa Bhaiyaa.

What it has is loads of Dabanggesque fun moments with Salman. He is cashing in on his own persona, and Arbaaz who knows him better than any other director has used it to his advantage. The film seems like everyone was having a fun time and that translates itself on screen. The villains are unbelievably weak, even Prakash Raj with his great delivery and acting chops is just a prop who makes sounds and is done away with ease in the climax.

Arbaaz has made a confident debut, but then he had such a perfect mold ready to fill.

The dialogues give you giggles and laughs in good measure. Sonakshi is just hovering around but shares fabulous chemistry with Bhai and there are some really nice romantic moments between the two.

The story is again of revenge, a very personal one this time around too. But melodrama which was there in Dabangg is not there in the sequel. They more or less rush thru the emotional parts.

The camaraderie between Salman and Vinod Khanna is genuinely sweet and their scenes are very well executed.

Kareena does her Fevicol Se with full adaa and oomph. Though Item no.s are not something I am personally fond of, the junta was going mental on it.

This film stands on Salman's talent to play himself unabashedly on screen. Yes the shirt comes off in this one too, but spoilt by the bad SFX.

Over all a film you can watch, smile and enjoy without having to think. A quick getaway from the world where justice is always delayed and denied and feel good with Chulbul's brand of quick gun deliverance of justice.

Will it make more money than his own earlier films, and will it break 3 Idiots Box Office record remains to be seen.

My Verdict : Watch it.

Rating : 3/5

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