Friday, 20 December 2013

My Review Dhoom 3 Three much Hogaya!

Director  Vijay Krishna Acharya

Starring  Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff

Firstly those who have enjoyed Dhoom and Dhoom 2, continue reading.

Secondly Aamir fans continue reading.

Thirdly Katrina fans continue reading.

Ok, so for those who are still reading, the latest and technologically the most superior edition of the megabucks Dhoom franchise is here. The chor police game continues here too and this time we have Aamir Khan playing the super chor.

Set in Chicago, Dhoom 3 is the story of Sahir Khan (Aamir) who lost his magician and illusionist father (Jackie) 25 years ago. His father committed suicide in front of little Sahir's eyes as the bank refused to extend their loan to continue the Great Indian Circus, his father's dream. Now its Sahir's biggest achievement, as it runs shows to a packed house. He also is the elusive bank robber leaving his trade-mark joker mask and a taunting message in Hindi, who the Chicago police has been trying to nab unsuccessfully. Will the Dhoom duo ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) be able to catch Sahir is what the film is all about. Seems like a legit story. Add to it Katrina Legs Kaif. Should be a fun ride. And there are bikes, chases, trapeze etc etc etc.

But what could have been a delicious heist film, what with intense Aamir and the easy banter which AB and UC shared in the earlier two editions, turns out to be a long, dragging, convenience ridden, anything goes kind of fare.

Aamir does have some moments, specially in the second half, but then beyond a point his super intense act (read look ma I can do this too!) takes away from the easy fun Dhoom is supposed to be. He is the film considering others get very little screen time, and even when they are there, they seem disinterested. Barring a few fun lines which Uday Chopra gets and frankly does justice too, the scowling Abhishek and even the pure hotness of the dance-mein-special-appearance Katrina do not add anything to the film.

The bikes, the chases have all been seen before. Some stunts though brilliantly shot by the veteren Sudeep Chatterjee are so unbelievable, specially the bike turning into a boat and turning into a bike again had the audience guffawing loudly. What I would give marks to is the production design. Lavish and extravagant.

One can see the effort to lend an emotional base to the film with Aamir's character and story, but it somehow does not work, mainly because Aamir just doesn't work as a negative lead. His attempts at bad-assery fall below the mark. There is of course this big twist pre-interval which I can not share here. He has worked hard and it shows, but the script falters and he falters with it.

I said it is technologically superior, but logically, lesser said the better.

Finally, two things which could have made this film more watchable, one a shorter run time, and a good music score. The music is way below average. Pritam really lets down the film.

Now here is what 5 college students I met after watching the film had to say : Time pass hai, Aamir kee hai so must watch, Katrina deserves 1 full star, but only watch in a sasta ticket.

I leave you with this thought!

My Verdict  2.5/5 

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